“Rice” marketing research in Canada

Project Brief

  A Japanese local government was promoting one of their major farming products, “Japanese Rice”, to expand to North American markets. However, due to Covid travel restrictions, government staff were unable to visit Canada to do the market research. As such, they outsourced the marketing research to our company.



Our Vancouver staff visited local supermarkets and wholesalers to gather information regarding the types of rice sold in Canada, packaging trends, retail pricings, etc. We also conducted research regarding the different types of rice consumed in the world and their different uses. Unlike Japan, Canada is ethnically diverse and our report reflected the cultural diversity and the importance of rice to those cultures. Our research included the following:


  • Consumption amounts
  • Type of varieties
  • Potential competitors
  • Export restrictions and rules
  • Gluten free qualities of rice
  • Localization, branding, retail pricing
  • Logistics


  Our client shared the information with people in the rice producing industry and exporters in the region. They used the information to develop a strategic marketing plan to enter the Canadian market.
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