Koukou / こうこう


The Koukou is a rare and distinguished Japanese apple, specially grown in the Tohoku region. This honey sweet, aromatic fruit is the surprising hybrid of the Hirodia Ichigo (弘大一号) and Fuji(ふじ) varieties. This combination of these two “RED” apples produced a firm, greenish-yellow variety.  Unlike many apples that are harvested before they are fully ripe, the apple growers of Iwate patiently wait until the apples are at their peak and exhibit the “蜜, Mitsu” / honey core.  Only then are the apples picked.

Additionally, unlike conventionally grown apples, Iwate Koukou apples are not sprayed with any preservative wax. This way, even when sold at the market, the apples will always taste as sweet and natural as if they were picked off the tree only seconds before the first bite.

[Note] As these apples are free of artificial waxing, in order to keep their freshness and crisp texture, they must be kept refrigerated.

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