Iwate’s Premium Japanese Rice

Iwate’s Premium Japanese Rice: “Cosmic Drops” – 銀河のしずく


Named “Ginga-no-Shizuku”, or “Cosmic Drops”, after its translucent jewel-like sheen, this regional offering from the prefecture of Iwate is at the peak of quality for Japanese rice. This unique short grain variety is well-known for having a sweet aroma and a delicate fluffy texture. Even when cold, this rice stays moist and sticky, making it well suited for dishes such as sushi, bento (Japanese lunch box), and onigiri rice balls. Cultivated in the mountains, this rice is grown with the freshest of water, surrounded by the freshest of air. With such a rich environment, it is no wonder “Ginga-no-Shizuku” carries such a pure elegant flavour that will forever linger after the first bite.

There are a few other well-known varieties of Japanese rice available on the market, such as “Koshihikari/こしひかり” and “Hitomebore/ひとめぼれ”; however, these varieties are grown quite commonly inside and even outside of Japan. Thus, to distinguish themselves, Iwate’s dedicated rice farmers and research team came together to produce an entirely new cultivar of premium quality rice. After over 10 years of research and testing, their efforts were finally rewarded by successfully growing the finest of short grain rice, “Ginga-no-Shizuku”. Iwate’s fields of “Ginga-no-Shizuku” shine as if sprinkled with scattering stars in the clear night sky, as breathtaking as their namesake, “Cosmic Drops”.

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