Haruka Apple

Haruka Apple / はるか りんご


Haruka apples are recognized as one of the most exquisite apples in Japan. Developed by the Agricultural Development and Research Team of Iwate Agricultural University, these apples have an elegant golden skin and a flavour reminiscent of a delicate pineapple. They are incredibly sweet. With their Brix Index rating (a measure of sugar content in the fruit) between 15 to 17%, well-balanced with a hint of tartness, and a refreshing texture, Haruka apples deliver the finest quality in Japan.

Inside, the apples display a gem-like center which the Japanese people call “mittsuiri 蜜入り” or a “honey core”. When the fruits are ripe, the sugars condense and develop such a high concentration that the middle turns translucent as amber. This is a naturally occurring form of sugar alcohol (sorbitol), and it does fade away after some time once removed from the tree; however, the apples’ sugar content stays as high as when they were harvested. This honey core is a definitive sign of high sugar content and impeccable quality.

These apples were so well loved that they were named after the most-beloved granddaughter of Professor Yokota, a professor who worked on the development of this variety. Haruka apples are harvested from the start of December until the month’s end for optimal sweetest and size, which compared to the average apple weighing 150g, is quite a bit larger and more dense with sugars at 250 ~ 350g.

[Note] As these apples are not coated with any wax at the time of harvesting, they must be refrigerated to preserve their fresh, crisp texture.

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